The following citations represent the scholarly and/or creative works attributed to East Tennessee State University faculty with SelectedWorks profiles.

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Living Stories of Working Lives: Personal Narratives in Organizations, Andrew F. Herrmann

Make Them Get Their Heads in the Clouds: Is it Worth Teaching Digital Natives the Importance of Cloud Based Technology?, Joanna M. Anderson

Making Sense of Journal Rankings in Mathematics Education, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Management of Dizzy Patient, Courtney D. Hall

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Organizational Corruption: Problematic Portrayals of the "Virtuous" Employee, Andrew F. Herrmann

Organizational Power, Patriarchy, and Technology, Andrew F. Herrmann


Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration (LS1): A Hands-On Approach for Grades 6–12, Laura Robertson, Jody LaShay Jennings, and Scott Honeycutt

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Slavery in the Constitution, Dinah Mayo-Bobee

Social Support and Treatment Adherence in Fibromyalgia: Indirect effects of Depressive Symptoms, M. Montgomery, Byron D. Brooks, Fuschia M. Sirois, and Jameson Hirsch


Sound and Waves: An Integrated K–8 Hands-On Approach Supporting the NGSS and CCSS ELA, Chih-che Tai, Karin Keith, and Laura Robertson

Structure and Function of Flavonoid Glucosyltransferases: Using a specific Grapefruit Enzyme as a Model, Cecilia A. McIntosh

Substance Abuse and its Effect on Attempted Suicide in High School Students: a Quantitative Analysis, Mark Dula, Kesheng Wang, Ying Liu, and Shimin Zheng

Supporting Literacy Achievement for Students with Developmental Disabilities through Technology, Pamela J. Mims, Ann Meyer, Leah Wood, and Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell

Targeting Grade Aligned ELA Skills via an iPad App, Pamela J. Mims

Teacher Support Program: Reducing Special Education Teacher Attrition in Rural Settings, Pamela J. Mims, James Fox, and A. Baxter

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The Effect of Predictability of Head Turns on Gait in Community-Dwelling Older Adults, A. Casper, M. J. Davenport, and Courtney D. Hall

There and Back Again: Applying Regional Health Disparities to Contextualize the Affordable Care Act, Rebecca Adkins Fletcher

They’ve Already Come (Now We Need to Build It): Constructing a First-Year Experience for Graduate Students, Wendy Doucette and Joanna Anderson

"Threading" through the Whedonverse: A Polymediated Autoethnography, Andrew F. Herrmann

Time Lost to Office Referrals: Effect of Disability Status, Behavior, and PBIS, Leslie Church and James J. Fox

Trying to Be Perfect in an Imperfect World: The Role of Perfectionism in Adjustment of Fibromyalgia, M. Offenbaecher, L. L. Toussaint, J. Dezutter, Niko Kohls, C. Sigl, M. A. Vallejo, J. Rivera, Annemarie Weber, J. Schelling, A. Vincent, Jameson K. Hirsch, S. Poggenburg, and Fuschia M. Sirois

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Using a Computer Science-Based Board Game to Develop Preschoolers' Mathematics, Ryan Andrew Nivens and Rosemary Geiken

Using Raspberry PI to Code in R, Ryan Andrew Nivens and JeanMarie Hendrickson

Using Technology and Systematic Instruction to Promote Grade Aligned ELA Skills, Pamela J. Mims

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War and Diplomacy in the Early Republic, Dinah Mayo-Bobee

Writing and Research Instruction for Students with Significant Disability: Providing Accessible ELA Instruction through an iPad App, Pamela J. Mims

Xander Harris and the Interrogation of American Masculine Rhetoric, Andrew F. Herrmann and Art Herbig

YouTube and Food Allergy: An Appraisal of the Educational Quality of Information, Keerthi C. Reddy, Mary Kearns, S. Alvarez-Arango, L. Carillo-Martin, N. Cuervo-Pardo, V. Dimov, D. Lang, S. Lopez-Alvarez, B. Schroer, Mark Dula, Shimin Zheng, and Claudia A. Kozinetz

Accessing Academic Content for Students with Significant Disabilities, Ann Lee and Pamela J. Mims

A Consultative Model for Providing Technical Assistance to School Personnel in Service to Children with Autism, John J. Wheeler

A Cross-Sectional Study of Suicidal Behaviors and Physical Activity among 65,182 Middle School Students in Tennessee USA, Emily Miller, Jodi L. Southerland, Deborah L. Slawson, Shimin Zheng, Yan Cao, Deborah L. Slawson, and Lori Paisley

Aligned English/Language Arts Instruction via an iPad App for Students with Significant Disabilities, Pamela J. Mims

Analysis of Impact of R382W Mutation on Substrate Specificity of Grapefruit Flavonol Specific 3-Glucosyltransferase, Kathleen King, Devaiah P. Shivakumar, and Cecelia A. McIntosh

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Bridging the Gap with Public Value and Corporate Social Responsibility, Rebecca L. Keeler

Buffalo Soldiers, Kenneth Estes Hall

Build a Better Mousetrap or Fix the Old One? The Influence of High Impact Performance Management Practices on Organizational Performance, C. Allen Gorman

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Comprehension in Content Areas: Lessons from the Literature, Pamela J. Mims


Consequential Population Health Data: Making the Case for Prenatal Cigarette Smoking Cessation Interventions, Shimin Zheng, Eunice Mogusu, and Claudia Kozinetz

Creating Online Special Education Programs at Institutes of Higher Education: Celebrating Differences and Understanding Barriers, Belva Collins, Cathy Galyon Keramidas, Constance M. Baird, and Karen Hager Martinez

Creating Online Special Education Programs at Institutes of Higher Education: Celebrating Differences and Understanding Barriers, Cathy Galyon Keramidas, Belva C. Collins, and Constance M. Baird

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